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About Us.

As the largest company on the island of Ireland, Reefer Tech has the engineers and back up staff to meet the most demanding needs of our clients. Our focus on providing a cost efficient and cost effective service means that we retain our clients for long periods.
When we start working for a client, the service difference is immediately apparent, and we constantly strive to improve that service year on year so that our clients’ KPIs are always comfortably reached.

Our service focused 24/7 ethos is imbued within all the Reefer Tech personnel, regardless of what part of the service they provide. Our 9 engineers are geographically located to optimise speed of response when the inevitable emergency occurs. As our
Managing Director, Michael Holmes insists,

‘’providing a cutting edge, technical service
for every client, regardless of size, means that
we all have to be on top of our game, as our
clients always have choices and options’’.


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